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COVID-19 Safety Measures

At Sajna we always take the safety of our clients and staff into account. That is why we have taken extensive safety precautions in all of our branches to ensure that both clients and staff feel safe at all times.

Some of our safety precautions include: several separating screens between each client; protective face masks being worn at all times; the sanitising and disinfecting of all our surfaces and tools regularly; checking clients’ temperature straight after entering the salon, etc.

To ensure that our clients feel safe in our salons, all of our staff have achieved the BARBICIDE Covid-19 Certification, which commemorates their passing of The Professional Beauty Industry Training Test regarding core safety features needed in salons at this difficult time. This certification proves that our staff are well-equipped to deal with the safety measures needed to ensure all clients are kept safe. At Sajna, you will always feel safe!

At this difficult time, we simply ask all our clients to ensure that they are wearing face masks for their appointments to prevent the spread of the virus. Together, we can do this!


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